Dear customers, due to the increasing incidence of fraud, we remind you that CDEK never asks for your bank card details.
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Delivery of goods from online stores in the US to Russia and CIS countries

— via courier or collection point
— to Russia and CIS countries
— delivery guarantee from 10 days+
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our rates E-com

We deliver orders from US-based online stores to Russia and CIS countries
0,5 kg from 28,60 AED
1 kg from 47,40 AED
Marketing solutions for our partners
we’ll help you break into the Russian market and find new customers (for free!)
we'll help create and implement a marketing strategy to promote your business in the Russian market
we’ll provide a full online analysis of your potential competitors
we’ll design and create promotional messages and banners for you
we’ll develop advertising campaigns on Google, Russia’s no.1 search engine –, Facebook and Instagram.
We’ll walk you through how to sell your products on Russian e-commerce sites such as and CDEK.MARKET and we’ll deliver to your customers
We’ll promote your online store on our platforms
we have over 400,000 followers across our social media
13 million
visits per month to our site
600 000+
we target 600,000+ subscribers in our e-mail newsletters
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IT-solutions for online-shops

Modules for CMS developed by CDEK perform the following functions:
  • CDEK shipping order registration and deletion
  • Shipping price calculation based on package size
  • Available for delivery all around the world (where operates CDEK)
  • Customer delivery cost adjustment setting
  • Manual and automatic shipping order status update
  • Barcode and Order Receipt creation
  • Requesting a courier to pick up cargo. Available for delivery from Russia&CIS
  • Analytics widget
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Calculation of delivery cost*

Select which city you're sending from
Select which city to deliver the package to
Enter package weight
Enter rough length
Enter rough width
Enter rough height
Upon completion of the shipment form, our staff will check the actual and volumetric weight of your cargo to be delivered. Payment will be made for the larger of the two values.

Volumetric weight is calculated using the formula: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight

How does it work?

we set up a contract and provide you with a personal account
you bring goods for delivery to our office or call one of our couriers to you
we receive the cargo and details of your customers in order to clear Russian customs. If you don’t have this information, we contact your customers directly.
We give you a tracking number to track your package, and you share it with your customer
We deliver orders to your Russia-based customers – either by courier or to one of our collection points

Two options for receiving a package in Russia

Delivery to a self-collection point
Door-to-door courier delivery
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How are our rates calculated, what do they include?
Please note: our rates include customs clearance of only non-expensive items
Import and export duties, local and custom duties, and taxes on transportation services are not included
Where can I find the nearest CDEK office? Which countries do you deliver to?
CDEK operates in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide with 25+ international divisions.

More than 3000 company offices across Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Czechia, South Korea, China, Latvia, UAE, UAE, Azerbaijan, and Poland, among others.
What requirements are in place for the import of goods to Russia?
The list of goods with import restrictions for the Russian Federation can be found here: LINK
Where’s my package?
Track your package using the tracking number
What notifications can the recipient of the package expect?
You’ll be informed of exactly where, when and how you can receive your order.

We use several channels for delivery notifications: SMS, phone call, e-mail or social media messenger platforms.
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